Lake Garda, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and citrus groves, Lake Como with its breath-taking landscapes and Lake Maggiore, between Switzerland and Italy offer postcard views that will make you fall in love. Italian lakes are water mirrors reflecting the ruins of castles, enchanting woods and charming little towns. Come hear the legends about these magical places: the rainbow of Lake Carezza, the dragons of Lake Orta, the submerged bell tower in the waters of Lake Resia and many other stories.


If you are looking for good beach and mountain alternatives, just choose one of the lovely Italian lakes for your holiday. These places are characterised by incredible landscapes and a mysterious atmosphere. Lovely little towns are reflected by lake waters and surrounded by lush vegetation. A wide range of colours, ranging from emerald green to deep blue, make Italian lakes true fairy-tale places, where to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, take long walks and taste great food. On summer evenings, around the campfire, you will rediscover the pleasure of a good story, as the legend of the twin lakes of the Valle Brembana, the dragons of Lake Orta and the red waters of Lake Tovel.

On Lake Como you can take a boat to Bellagio, located where the lake splits into two branches. If you are brave enough, you can fly on a sea plane and touch the mountain tops, while if you love art you can visit the Villa del Balbianello in Lenno, built in the eighteenth century where once there was a Franciscan monastery. You can also taste the amazing dishes prepared with fresh water fish such as soused fish, trout, pike, perch and carp.

At the Terme di Sirmione, on Lake Garda you can spend a relaxing day and enjoy the many treatments offered. Among the most delightful places to visit, we recommend the Giardino Botanico Fondazione André Heller and the Vittoriale.

At Lake Braies, in the province of Bolzano, the Dolomite walls of the Croda del Becco are reflected in its waters.

The largest lake in central Italy, Lake Trasimeno, is located in Umbria. Here you can visit old borghi and small islands, as well as their castles and towers.

Seen from above, Lake Scanno looks like a heart. Located in the woods of the Valle del Sagittario, in the Abruzzi, it offers stunning views of the Montagna Grande and Monte Genzana.

On sunny days, the waters of Lake Posta Fibreno, in Lazio, will be so transparent that you will see the cross lying on the seabed, and some of the many flora and fauna species protected by the reserve, such as Salmo Fibreni.

Volcanic lakes have an old history and are characterised by unusual shapes. Lake Bolsena, for example, formed as a result of the collapse of Volsino volcano, is one of the largest in Europe and has an oval shape. Here sports enthusiasts can practice hiking, kayaking and paragliding.

Lake Averno, considered by ancient Romans as the entrance of the afterlife, is located in Pozzuoli. Near this volcanic lake, there is the Cave of the Sibyl and here, according to ancient legends, the priestess lived.

You can also choose one of the coastal lakes of Italy for your holiday, such as the Orbetello lagoon between the Tuscan Maremma and the Argentario coast, or the lakes of the Circeo National Park in Lazio. There are also Lake Lesina and Lake Varano, with salty water, located to the north of the Gargano promontory in Puglia.

In Sicily along the shores of Lake Biviere in Gela, one of the largest in the region, chosen as a staging area for many migratory birds, you will have the chance to see herons, hoopoes and raptors such as the marsh harrier.